To use a metaphor that will no doubt annoy any medical practitioner reading this, agreeing risk with a client, with whom you have an ongoing relationship, is a lot like informed consent in a hospital. There is a strong argument that the consent is never fully informed because the person making the choice doesn’t have the depth of knowledge of the practitioner. In many ways, the same holds true for negotiating risk with a client.

I was shortlisted, along with nine others, for the APM Group Project Manager of the Year award, hosted by the British Computer Society and Computing Today. The nomination was in line with my work on the Design Authority at the Royal Mail, ensuring that the quality of applications was maintained. It was a singular honor and the awards evening on the 12th November was enormous fun. A black tie do in Battersea Park with other nominees and their companies.

Unfortunatly, I did not win, but as the Oscar acceptance speaches inevitably go, "it was an honour to even be nominated!"

Its interesting how easy it is to fail to plan a project, especially a small one. I'm doing a website implementation for a seperate project, the data has all been provided along with a general concept for structure.

I very nearly just winged it, but other work came up, so I did some planning in-between other jobs and so I've been able to consolidate some of the pages and structure it it a more customer focused way.

All in all a good short lesson in why it pays off to plan...

I've just recieved confirmation that I passed my Prince2 Practitioner exams, which I took 3rd August 2007.

I passed the Foundation with 97% and was told that on the day but you are not told what your results are on the Practitioner exam.

I am now a qualified Prince2 Project Manager.