One of the most frustrating things I had found working with confluence, is that it treats everything as copy. Valuable information is hidden away and has to be manually entered. As a project manager, I write a lot of Statements of Work and Change Requests and up until now, getting a clear idea of the total value of them was something of an issue.

I did some research, and will be looking into a long term solution with the Reporting and Scaffolding plugins, but out of the box Confluence has a very powerful pair of macros that are very often ovelooked.

I recently got a message on Confluence when I tried to export a page to PDF

Selecting "export to PDF" from the Tools menu.

I got the message "Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data."

I traced this back to a table in the document that was only a header row. Adding a row below without the header highlighting fixed the problem.

There is a lot of discussion at the moment on the merits of apps, web apps and the mobile web experience.

For several years, clients have been asking for mobile apps. Most just want an iPhone app.

I'm a big fan of agile project management methodologies. Working in a digital agency, you are dealing with a rapidly changing landscape and clients with shifting goals. Being Agile allows you to work with that shifting scope and through flexibility deliver what the client needs without the painful Change Board process of Prince 2, or the dangerous scope creep of doing nothing.

Companies are beginning to deliver solutions to the EU privacy directive. One that has been much touted as a good implementation is

Whilst it is quite pretty, it is massively, and fundamentally flawed. For some reason, the cookie setting popup requires Omniture to function! In order to say no to cookies on the site, you have to say yes to invasive tracking first!