Adobe Connect

One of the core parts of my role is knowledge sharing. Having worked across most of the Volkswagen ecosystem in my time at Tribal I have a solid understanding of the how the various elements interconnect and this understanding needs sharing with the wider team. Typically I have been doing one to one sessions or every couple of months an hour or two meeting taking people through the systems. At some point, much as I love the sound of my own voice, I realized that I was beginning to repeat myself. Enter Adobe Connect. This tool has a wide range of features, it allows me to prepare a PowerPoint presentation ahead of time and share it with the listeners. They can ask questions. Either via the chat feature, of it is enabled, then via microphones. You can then screen-share the presentation and do live demonstrations of the systems. Additionally, you can record the whole segment. Unfortunately it comes out as a FLV file, but then it is an Adobe product, so you've got to expect they'll push their video format. It is is fundamentally valuable tool, and an effective way of ensuring that a good presentation is available to members of the team, but present and future.