Confluence and the Details and MetaData Macros

One of the most frustrating things I had found working with confluence, is that it treats everything as copy. Valuable information is hidden away and has to be manually entered. As a project manager, I write a lot of Statements of Work and Change Requests and up until now, getting a clear idea of the total value of them was something of an issue.

I did some research, and will be looking into a long term solution with the Reporting and Scaffolding plugins, but out of the box Confluence has a very powerful pair of macros that are very often ovelooked.

Metadata Details and Details Summary. Metadata Details is a wrapper for a 2 column table. Column 1 has the headings and must be identical wherever it is used with a particular label, and column 2 is the individual values. Details Summary is a macro where you enter in a label and all matching metadata for that label is displayed in a table. It is perfect for wrapping around the Statement of Work executive summary block in the Confluence template using code similar to the below.

Client Owner:
Account Manager:
Project Manager:
Prepared By:
Version: {current-version}
SOW Total:
Approval Date:

You then simply go to the Default space content and add in the following:

h2. SOW Summary

and all new Spaces in confluence will automatically have a homepage with a Financial Summary. It is fantastic and will make your lives so very much easier.

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