Launching a brand on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is a simple feat... You can do it in half an hour with time to spare for a coffee. Sounds good right? Doing it successfully, that is the challenge; and one that requires a great deal of preparation, work and expertise. The bigger the brand, the more people that need to be engaged and excited by the delivery, not just fans, but the people involved in the process. There are some thing you can do to improve your chances but regrettably, none of them involve coffee-breaks...

Creation of a virtual dealership presenting the finance offers for multiple cars across multiple months and reusing the Since Now TV Commercial opening.

Creation of a new, far more engaging flash page for the Infiniti finance offers, featuring 360's of the relevant car models and popup finance offers.

Offers Homepage

Delivery of a new static homepage promoting the latest Infiniti offers, as well as the implementation of Social Media Footer links in all languages to the Infiniti social media sites.

Last week, the Sunday Mirror was successfully sued in France, under EU law, for an English language article, which was (likely) legal under English laws, by an English newspaper, on a website hosted in the UK.