Insider 17 | Red Bull Racing

The latest issue of the TMW produced Infiniti Insider, featuring:

There is a famous truism, any client wants three things. Low Cost, High Quality and Fast Delivery. It is also generally regarded as a truism that a project can only deliver on two of those three things. If you want it fast and good, it's going to be expensive. Top quality and cheap? Well, that’s going to take a great deal of time to deliver. Fast and cheap? well how many take aways offer haute cuisine?

XML is a funny thing, it is an extremely effective and efficient as a method for roping together data into nice easily manageable elements. One of the difficulties is the fact that, outside of technical tools like Eclipse, it is treated as text and edited as text. When content loading or amending this raises two problems. One is a ramp up issue. the text needs to be interpreted and its not necessarily obvious to all involved how the structure is pulled together. For example, the structure may be:

Infiniti EX - New 19" Alloy Wheels

Infiniti range model updates, changes to the EX and FX models on the consumer website, mobile, iPhone app and Car Configurator.

A lot of what defines a good project manager is experience. It is almost necessary to have a certain world-weary cynicism which ensures you think about what would happen if the glass wasn't just half empty, but broken and used as a weapon in a pub brawl...

One of the most technically ambitious decisions to recently come out of the European Union (a body I happen to typically have a great deal of empathy for) is the recent decision on Cookies. The decision has various impacts, but at its heart, the idea is that cookie are bad. At least that marketeers using them are bad. I understand the point of view, the development of cookies over the years has gone a great deal further than ensuring that session data remains through a transaction and now allows for all sorts of cross site tracking.