Every VW Showroom has a iPad application which helps them to sell cars, allowing them to walk through configuring a vehicle, finance deals and other reasons why buying a Volkswagen is such a good idea. One of the features that was added a number of years ago was a Stock Lookup, allowing retailers to see what was available nationally or on their Forecourt which might match the desires of their customer.

Tyre Clustering

Ability to automatically change VED and Emissions for vehicles based on changing the wheels to conform to new legislation.

Personally, I've never been a big fan of video calling. I had the old 3 video phones when they first came out, and I've played around with Skype and Hangouts but its never been a big thing for me.

That has changed since I've been working more and more with remote teams. Our daily scrum calls (currently bouncing between Hangouts, Skype and Teamviewer as we explore the advantages of each) were done as voice calls primarily. This lead to two issues.
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One of the core parts of my role is knowledge sharing. Having worked across most of the Volkswagen ecosystem in my time at Tribal I have a solid understanding of the how the various elements interconnect and this understanding needs sharing with the wider team. Typically I have been doing one to one sessions or every couple of months an hour or two meeting taking people through the systems. At some point, much as I love the sound of my own voice, I realized that I was beginning to repeat myself. Enter Adobe Connect.

I've been meaning to write about this bit of software for about three years. I first used it on the HTML Configurator project we did for Volkswagen. As part of delivering the first ever HTML responsive car configuration, we were looking at ways of showing how some of the changed ways of working we piloted.

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Delivery of an integration between the order tracking information and the Retailer tool to allow retailers to view all orders that are relevant to them.