HTML Configurator

Creation of a new, HTML5 responsive Configurator on the VW Website. The initial release was only for users without flash on their PC or device, but it covered mobile, tablet and desktops.

Desktop View

Delivery of a responsive FAQ section on the VW Site

One of the most frustrating things I had found working with confluence, is that it treats everything as copy. Valuable information is hidden away and has to be manually entered. As a project manager, I write a lot of Statements of Work and Change Requests and up until now, getting a clear idea of the total value of them was something of an issue.

I did some research, and will be looking into a long term solution with the Reporting and Scaffolding plugins, but out of the box Confluence has a very powerful pair of macros that are very often ovelooked.

Delivery of a new online service booking application on the Volkswagen website.

The application offers each VW Retailer the ability to set their own prices and lead times, and they receive notifications of all bookings which are stored centrally and securely.

Migration of the VW pages into a bespoke Grails CMS

Embedding a youtube player on VW Site