Migration of the Fleet section to the new CMS

I recently got a message on Confluence when I tried to export a page to PDF

Selecting "export to PDF" from the Tools menu.

I got the message "Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data."

I traced this back to a table in the document that was only a header row. Adding a row below without the header highlighting fixed the problem.

Delivery of an extention to the Showrooms Ipad application for Volkswagen retailers that offers them the ability to search for new car stock, locally, by Group and nationally and get full information on its status and location.

Delivery of a series of new pages on the Owners section of the Volkswagen site, which allows customers to track the status of their order. It integrates to a VW webservice of order information.

We had specially constructed pixel art animated GIFs created for each stage to give a sense of fun to the process.

I'm a big fan of agile project management methodologies. Working in a digital agency, you are dealing with a rapidly changing landscape and clients with shifting goals. Being Agile allows you to work with that shifting scope and through flexibility deliver what the client needs without the painful Change Board process of Prince 2, or the dangerous scope creep of doing nothing.

Half Remembered Dreams

Creation of a site for a theatre company. I decided to do a simple Drupal install as the base, as this allowed for the client to be able to update information themselves going forward. Additionally, a level of IA was prepared that enables the client to add additional shows/cast members themselves without a code change or coming back to the Consultancy. The idea was to provide a single package that required limited information from myself.