Companies are beginning to deliver solutions to the EU privacy directive. One that has been much touted as a good implementation is

Whilst it is quite pretty, it is massively, and fundamentally flawed. For some reason, the cookie setting popup requires Omniture to function! In order to say no to cookies on the site, you have to say yes to invasive tracking first!

Last week, the Sunday Mirror was successfully sued in France, under EU law, for an English language article, which was (likely) legal under English laws, by an English newspaper, on a website hosted in the UK.

One of the most technically ambitious decisions to recently come out of the European Union (a body I happen to typically have a great deal of empathy for) is the recent decision on Cookies. The decision has various impacts, but at its heart, the idea is that cookie are bad. At least that marketeers using them are bad. I understand the point of view, the development of cookies over the years has gone a great deal further than ensuring that session data remains through a transaction and now allows for all sorts of cross site tracking.