Project Management

A friend of mine (Yemi Awoyemi, Technical Development Manager and generally clever fellow) mentioned I should write a post about the #noestimates debate going on on Twitter. I responded with a very well informed... "What #noestimates thing?"

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One of the most common issues I have noticed with Project Management and companies approaches is they focus, almost entirely, on only one out of the two core disciplines of Project Management. To me, a Project Manager has two key high level tasks. Planning the project and executing the project.

There is a famous truism, any client wants three things. Low Cost, High Quality and Fast Delivery. It is also generally regarded as a truism that a project can only deliver on two of those three things. If you want it fast and good, it's going to be expensive. Top quality and cheap? Well, that’s going to take a great deal of time to deliver. Fast and cheap? well how many take aways offer haute cuisine?

I was reading an article on Mashable about The Podio Project Management solutionFound at, Podio is a really interesting approach to Project Management. It is part Google Wave, Part Dropbox/, part Jira and part something else entirely.