I have been resistant for a long time when it comes to Password Managers. Like many people, it feels like putting all of ones eggs in a single basket. For various reasons, I finally signed up to one.

When I signed up, it imported my details and then offered me the chance to get a grading for my security status. It reviewed my passwords, my login password and various other elements and have me three scores. Security Rating. Ranking. Master Password rating. I scored 22%, bottom 50% and 50% for my security. I was shocked. After much work I now score 99%, Top 1% and 100%

An interesting document has been produced by the UK government regarding password security. I say interesting, because it is surprisingly perceptive in its approach. It takes into account that many breaches in password security are social rather than technological in approach and so driving people to complex regularly changed passwords tends to make them more easily guessable, or to result in them being written down. Worth a read for anyone working on securing customer data.