Social Media

Half Remembered Dreams

Creation of a site for a theatre company. I decided to do a simple Drupal install as the base, as this allowed for the client to be able to update information themselves going forward. Additionally, a level of IA was prepared that enables the client to add additional shows/cast members themselves without a code change or coming back to the Consultancy. The idea was to provide a single package that required limited information from myself.

Launching a brand on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is a simple feat... You can do it in half an hour with time to spare for a coffee. Sounds good right? Doing it successfully, that is the challenge; and one that requires a great deal of preparation, work and expertise. The bigger the brand, the more people that need to be engaged and excited by the delivery, not just fans, but the people involved in the process. There are some thing you can do to improve your chances but regrettably, none of them involve coffee-breaks...

Offers Homepage

Delivery of a new static homepage promoting the latest Infiniti offers, as well as the implementation of Social Media Footer links in all languages to the Infiniti social media sites.

Social Media Programme

"Since Now, forget everything you know about performance motoring."

This project was the implementation of a complete social media programme for Infiniti to coincide with the 1st September multi-channel launch of the Since Now campaign.

Everyone is talking about google plus, and pretty much all of them are talking about how Google is taking on Facebook. This is particualy true with Facebook anouncing it's panicked reactions to Google+'s scope. Facebook announced a partnership with Skype for a video chat feature. (Considering how flakey text chat is on facebook, its hard to imagine this will be a rousing sucsess) and their attempt to challenge Google's Circles with Beknown. Its no surprise therefore that the Google+/Facebook comparisons are common.