What is it?

Wraith is a tool created by the BBC and then open sourced for quickly and easily comparing two versions of the same website. For example a development and a production instance. Within the config.yaml you can define the pages to be tested, the environments to test, and the screen-widths to test at. (it was originally built as a Responsive testing tool).

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One of the most common issues I have noticed with Project Management and companies approaches is they focus, almost entirely, on only one out of the two core disciplines of Project Management. To me, a Project Manager has two key high level tasks. Planning the project and executing the project.

There is a lot of functionality in Project that many PM’s just don’t use, but should. These are my top ten things every PM should be aware of that will make your lives easier and slightly more fun...

XML is a funny thing, it is an extremely effective and efficient as a method for roping together data into nice easily manageable elements. One of the difficulties is the fact that, outside of technical tools like Eclipse, it is treated as text and edited as text. When content loading or amending this raises two problems. One is a ramp up issue. the text needs to be interpreted and its not necessarily obvious to all involved how the structure is pulled together. For example, the structure may be:

One of the most technically ambitious decisions to recently come out of the European Union (a body I happen to typically have a great deal of empathy for) is the recent decision on Cookies. The decision has various impacts, but at its heart, the idea is that cookie are bad. At least that marketeers using them are bad. I understand the point of view, the development of cookies over the years has gone a great deal further than ensuring that session data remains through a transaction and now allows for all sorts of cross site tracking.

I was reading an article on Mashable about The Podio Project Management solutionFound at, Podio is a really interesting approach to Project Management. It is part Google Wave, Part Dropbox/, part Jira and part something else entirely.