Responsive buttons
Revision of the older style buttons and links on the Volkswagen website to use new HTML5 buttons with on-brand blue glow on hover and cleaner CSS for lists and options.
Customer Service Strategy
Creation of an overarching Customer Service strategy across the web ecosystem, feeding to the call centers and other touch points to ensure we focus on delivering a seamless customer experience.
Contact Us amends
A series of small but crucial updates to the Volkswagen Contact Us section, improving form completion rate and customer understanding.
Puppet Labs
Migration & extensive technical hardening of a website platform.
Responsive Offers
Creation of a new approach for presenting offers that caters for mobiles, tablets and desktops. The information is all API driven allowing a great deal more information to be provided in a contextual fashion across the site.

Delivery of a 85% Responsive website for Volkswagen UK. Featuring pages built to display correctly on a range of devices, regardless of viewing need. Bringing the same site experience to every user.

Desktop Menus

Delivery of a responsive menu system available on the VW Website serving mobiles, tablets and desktops.

HTML Configurator

Creation of a new, HTML5 responsive Configurator on the VW Website. The initial release was only for users without flash on their PC or device, but it covered mobile, tablet and desktops.

Desktop View

Delivery of a responsive FAQ section on the VW Site

Delivery of a new online service booking application on the Volkswagen website.

The application offers each VW Retailer the ability to set their own prices and lead times, and they receive notifications of all bookings which are stored centrally and securely.